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Yeah there is one glitch, but unfortunately wasn't able to fit it into the gamejam time - and wasn't game breaking as it's pretty rare. Thanks for admitting your score was based on a bug. 
Also gamejamcurator, thanks - appreciate it. There are 2 recordings of trouts, check my LD page for videos. 

Btw, very fun game. It's pretty awesome!

The combination of "Tetris" and "Breakout works super well, congratulations for that delightful mashup! :) But reaching a Trout seems like an impossibility for me, so I tip off my hat to anyone who reached one. :D Thanks for this game, I had a good time with it and recommended it in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 41, as well as it's included in the related video. :) Good luck with the ratings! <3

Best wishes,

There's a glich which makes the ball get stuck in the middle of the grid, so you can play tetris "as usual" avoiding the ball. That's how I get the second position on leaderboard.

This games is so hard but fun at the same time.

We really enjoyed it.

Here is a short video we made while testing it:

Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks for your comments guys! Sorry didnt realise people were doing comments here, I just kept an eye on the LD page.

High Score is mine boys and girls!!!

Okay, so actually, a guy named BoltKey from the Ludum Dare site claims to have gotten over 30k points, and has a screenshot. I believe him, although I was a little confused by his post if he achieved it with a glitch or not. My high score was not glitched at all. But whatever, I do give him the benefit of the doubt. However, I believe I just got the world's first trout:

LOL @ that big sigh at the end :P

I scored 250 points : ( good game and good job, i loved. Its has a comercial game potential! congrats