A downloadable game for Windows

Beardadette and the Eternal Hiccup


A - D to move left and right
Spacebar to jump
E to pick up and drop objects
E in water to drink and delay your hiccups
R to restart


Play as Beardadette, a bearded dragon who cannot alleviate her hiccups. Unwilling to accept her fate of incurable hiccups, she sets out to find a cure.

She must find a sand shaman… though the ancient sand shamans of The Rept Isles haven’t been seen for years. Their numbers have been in decline for decades, but the last few never returned after their last pilgrimage, deep into the desert.

Beardadette’s journey will be challenging, moreso because of her hiccups. The intensity of her hiccups interferes with the simplest of tasks, such as running, jumping, and carrying things. Though Beardadette’s always been an optimist. If there’s a way to turn a negative into a positive - she’ll find it.

The Sand Shamans

The last remaining Sand Shamans still live! They dwell deep in the desert, defying a natural death - but at what cost?

They have cursed many innocent lizardfolk with incurable hiccups. The shamans harness the energy from each cursed hiccup to fuel the beat of their ageing hearts.


Beardadette_v1.1.zip 110 MB
Beardadette_1.2.zip (POSTJAM) 113 MB

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