The WebGL version is the postjam version, where we spent 3 more hours to add some new features and fixed some bugs. You can find the original version in the downloads section. 


  • Move : WASD
  • Aim : Mouse
  • Attack / Use Weapon : Left Mouse Button
  • Equip / Drop Weapon : E

Also WebGL version doesn't support Post Processing Effects, so we recommend playing the PC version.

Gameplay Trailer:

You are Fydo, a simple farmer who’s discovered the secret to growing more than just vegetables. Through planting materials and fertilising the soil with his own blood… he is able to bring to life non-organic objects - like Microwaves, Toasters, Clown horns and much more! And these non-organic objects are worth top dollar!

However, this goes against the Farmers Fair Trade Act of 1963: “One must only grow organic matter”. As a result, the vegetables are mad. Their real mad, and will come and attempt to destroy your farm on a daily basis.

Plant combinations of wood, metal, plastic and blood to grow over 10 different plants. Once fully grown, you can harvest these items to help protect your farm! Each object has a special ability. Throw televisions, mow down some carrots with a desk fan, stun the tomatoes with the flash of a camera! Your farm is worth defending - but save some of your grown loot… a farmers gotta earn!


Bloodbarn-PC-LD44.zip 37 MB
Bloodbarn-WebGL-LD44.zip 16 MB
Bloodbarn-PC-POSTJAM-LD44.rar 32 MB

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