A downloadable game for Windows

Stack asteroids in rows and columns to gain SpaceBucks. 

Use Gravity Fields to guide asteroids into your ship.

Moving Gravity Fields will drain your ship's Energy.

Can you be the richest Asteroid Miner since the legendary Honest Dan?



(Click controls only)
Left click empty space to place gravity fields.
Left click and drag existing gravity field to move it.

Click buttons to rotate ship.
ESC to quit the game.



Install instructions

do it


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Cool game! Lots of things there. But there is a bug. If you rotate it fast, all the pieces flow out away. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but it clearly seems like a bug!

Other than that, great work!

Yes indeed it is a bug! It was due to the animation queuing problem I came across. Will look at developing this game further as time goes on

Thanks for checking it out