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Controls: Left click to move to nearby tiles, Right click to pan the map.

The idea behind Fellowship Manager was to combine medieval combat with the classic football manager franchise formula. We wanted to focus on developing a game where the battles were simulated, but you would be responsible for managing your fellows (soldiers) between battles and deciding on strategic formations for battles.

The project was really ambitious for a 3 day game jam, and so sadly the game is still not very well balanced or fully complete. However, you are still able to enjoy the current content, including:

  • Name and manage a fellowship of soldiers, who are set on bringing an end to an unbalanced king's rule
  • Generation of fellows with randomised faces and features, along with names submitted by the community
  • Manage the vital statistics of fellows, avoiding statistics drop too low and leading them to an early grave
  • Decide where your fellowship should rest and perform out of combat activities
  • Micromanage which fellows perform activities; such as hunting, healing allies and resting between battles
  • Decide which weapon each fellow uses in combat (sword, mace, polearm or bow) based on their individual characteristics
  • Allocate fellows to strategic blocks, which are given specific tactics for battle.
  • Decide on a battle formation for your fellowship's strategic blocks
  • Watch simulated battles with context specific commentary (tribute to Football Manager)
  • Visit villages to recruit new fellows to your fellowship
  • Do battle against the mad King's armies to grow in reputation
  • Take on the mad King at his castle to bring back stability to the lands 
  • Explore a hexagonal game board with vibrantly illustrated game art
  • 3 original, fantastic, sounds tracks made for the game

There are still many bugs and balancing issues, but are really pleased with how far we got with a rather ambitiously scoped jam game.

Some notes to keep in mind the following bugs while playing the game in its current state:

  • Please don't click buttons multiple times too fast
  • Try and close popups in the order of how recently they popped up, if possible
  • The gold mechanic wasn't fully implemented
  • You can still eat even if your food supply isn't high enough (fixed in 1.0.3)
  • ALT + F4 to quit

We patched in a fix that would break the game if you clicked on either Fellowship Overview or Battle Management buttons during a battle, and stopped you from being able to attack enemies regardless of range as it made the game mechanics confusing.

Created for LD49 - Unstable by BrainoidGames, HonestDanGames and ElysiaGriffin.


FM1021 v1.0.2 180 MB
FM1021 v1.0.3 (unlimited food bug fix) 192 MB

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