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In the land of Pogona, music is a big part of everybody's lives. Well, almost everybody… Three Jazz Frogs - Freg, Fregg and Freggy - gave up their music as nobody in the village liked their brand of Jazz.

They buried their instruments and dreams, and vowed to never play again… until...

An evil dark force, known as Melophobia, despised the sound of music. Set on bringing silence across the land of Pogona, it dispersed its dark forces to rid Pogona of all of its music. In an event known as The Silencing, every instrument was destroyed. With no more music, Melophobia’s darkness was free to spread across the lands of Pogona. With no instruments - there was no music. Pogona had no way to push back the darkness, and fell into an endless night.

But… there were still 3 instruments that remained buried deep and out of sight... and Freg, Fregg and Freggy knew they had to end their vow to get the band back together again. Set out with their Saxotrumpet, Drums, Guitar and a lantern - they seek to push back the forces of darkness with the only weapon they’ve got - smooth silky JAZZ. However, they will need to go DEEP into the darkness if they are to confront Melophobia, who resides in the darkest shadows of the lands.

Advice: To know what a card does, check the tooltips when holding a card over the "drop your card to play" area.

Bug Tracking & Info:  
Be patient, freggy friends! Hot fixes will be worked on after some much needed rest!

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GenreCard Game, Role Playing, Strategy
TagsAutomation, Frogs, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 48, Music
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FregFreggAndFreggy_1_0_8..zip 251 MB

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Run the FregFreggFreggy.exe

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