A downloadable game for Windows

Note: The tutorial levels can be buggy, so if short on time feel free to skip straight to the main game level by pressing "Start Game" on the title screen. 

Jam version has issues with Submitting Scores to the Leaderboard. If you want to submit your scores without any problems, please use this version where we fixed the Leaderboard bug: Post Jam Leaderboard Fix Version

How to play:

Gameplay tips: 

  • Keep the tents stocked with food, water & wood. 
  • Keep the shrine candle burning. 
  • The staff of Banishing and the Ward Lantern can be used to "calm" hostile spirits. 
  • Re-light Bonfire, grow Crops & Trees, or refill the Well by communing with the elemental spirits in the Spirit realm. 
  • Meditate to travel to the spirit realm.

You are a frog named Fregward, who is a Spirit Warden. You serve the inhabitants of the physical realm, and help keep a balance between the physical and spiritual realm. You can meditate to shift into the spirit realm and calm dark spirits or commune with elemental spirits to provide the physical world with fire / water / growth. Both realms physically sit on top of eachother, so where you perform your actions matters - as the realms are mirrored.

Created for Epic Megajam 2022 by Catfrog (BrainoidGames, Spacey3d and HonestDanGames).


Catfrog_Fregward (v0.0.3) 72 MB


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Congrats for the first place!
Honestly, it's surprising how you managed to fit this game in just 72MB!

thank you for the kind words! A lot of it is working out the plugins and content you can disable in your project!