[Designed for mobile, PC build is to show the concept]

Left Click - Jump

Shift - Focus (Slow down time)

1, 2 or 3 - Select Character (Joe, Whitey or Chunk)


Funner Runner was the first game created by Honest Dan as he started learning about developing games using Unity and C#. What started as a simple runner evolved into a puzzle-runner hybrid, where you must switch between three unique characters in order to survive and progress through levels.

Joe is an average all-rounder, moving quickly and jumping an average distance. Whitey is a tall and thin fella', who can jump tremendous heights and fit through narrow gaps. Chunk is a... chunk, who has the ability to fall very quickly and smash through sections of a level.

With the play style of a runner game, you'll need to think quickly and react in order to make it to the end of a level. There's no time to stop and think, though you are able to "focus" to slow down time to help you make the right decisions and perform precise actions. The game includes premade challenges, procedural map generation and character upgrades.

Devlog: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U3cwLQPhSCEzbWBEYmzw2qZxS1MWje0sUA1cqfn_m4M/...

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