You and your partner have just moved to a new home. Your partner works and you look after the house (and the cat). Your partner develops a bad shopping habit. Every day you received MORE STUFF for your new home. You must store and organise your ever growing hoard of possessions so that you do not run out of living space.

Newly married, it is important to maintain a strong relationship! Every morning you partner will ask you to fetch one of the items they have previously bought - so you better hope you can find it [POST-JAM]! Your relationship will weaken if:

  • You don’t store clutter in storage
  • You don’t unpack packages
  • You don’t recycle old packages
  • You don’t feed the cat
  • You cannot find an item your partner has asked you for [POST-JAM
  • You have sold an item your partner asks for [POST-JAM]
  • You get caught selling items [POST-JAM]

Soon enough, you will run out of space in your house. Fortunately you are able to gather wood from your backyard and build storage for your house [POST-JAM]. If you manage to save enough money, you can build extensions to your house too [POST-JAM]. You can earn additional money through selling items [POST-JAM], though this could affect your relationship strength.

Can you keep up with your partners need for STUFF? Can you maintain enough living space for your relationship to blossom? Oh, and don’t forget to feed your cat.


Developers notes regarding JAM version: I was not able to implement all the features I had planned (hence all the “POST-JAM tags”). To give you an idea of what the game WOULD have had in it, should I had time:

  • You partner would ask you to find an item for them every morning to earn relationship strength points
  • The mail-person would deliver packages during the day that your partner had ordered online
  • You could sell items to make space and earn money, though you risk upsetting your partner doing so
  • You can gather wood to build more storage for your house
  • You can spend money to purchase house extensions so you don’t run out of space.

Because I couldn’t implement them, the following has been configured in the game:

  • 4 storage items exist in your home for free at the start of the game
  • You automatically own all house extensions

UPDATE: I have now implemented the above and the POST-JAM version is available to play. Please report any bugs you find, and enjoy!


[JAM] PC - Honest Dans Clutteral Damage 21 MB
[JAM] HTML5 Honest Dans Clutteral 8 MB
[POST-JAM] PC - Honest Dan's Clutteral Damage 21 MB

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