Day 7 - Designing the Base Defence & Implementing an Enemy Manager

So, lets start with the fun bit! Enemies spawn, attack, and can be killed! Unforuntatley I haven’t got round to getting the turret implemented, so for now I will just enjoy squishing on them with the mouse to kill them!

So today I had some things IRL to do, so was a bit late getting started on development. I spent the first couple of hours discussing and planning the way to implement aspects of the base defence element of the game.

I wrote some pseudocode to convey the basic AI that I wanted the various enemy units to have. I also needed to decide how enemies will be spawned, how they will be stored, all in a way that also took into account that they would need to be targeted and killed by a turret, along with different enemy types added into the game. An enemy manager was designed, holding lists of all enemies and the lanes that they are in. This will come in handy when implementing the "turret" tomorrow. The enemy manager got implemented, and works well :)

Other things designed and ready to be implemented tomorrow will be the turret behaviour, interactions with the turret (telling to how to attack), using special abilities and how to activate them. I’m hoping by the end of tomorrow I should have a decent little prototype going. Day 8 tomorrow, but day 7 of development, so a week for a prototype is good for me! <3

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