Day 1 - Dreaming it up

I had to wait 2 hours for my car to get some work done on it. I decided to think up a new project to work on to expand on my current understanding of Unity and C#. Something small.

A puzzle game. A game governed by limited rules. The player only has limited input options. No need for vast level designing. How to make it more interesting? Add a twist. Make the player have to think differently about how they complete the puzzle element of the game. The twist should be to merge the puzzle genre with another genre.

It needed to be a twist that allowed the player to control the game with simple taps and drags. The player should still be able to concentrate on the puzzle element of the game. It would be ideal if both elements of the game interacted with each other.

A simplified tower defence game. No need to worry about placement of towers. An automated “enemies” vs “turret” dynamic, somewhat similar to MOBA base defence. Completing the puzzle will repair the base, or earn the player special abilities to use against the attacking enemies. The player can command the turret or use abilities to help alter the puzzle grid in their favour.

I spent the rest of the day writing a game design document for this game. 5000 words later, and a lot of complaints from the viewers of my stream, I was done. Lack of design had a huge impact on my first game, Funner Runner. Despite taking a lot of time, and being subject to alterations, I am hoping the time I’ve dedicated to planning this time round will be worthwhile.

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