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Back in September 2018, I designed and created a game with my friend Elysia Griffin as part of a gamejam named the KrassNJam. During that gamejam, the brief was set to create a game "where you build buildings in space". I wasn't too excited by the theme, but decided I'd use it an excuse to create a card-based game, something I've long wanted to explore. I also decided with it being a card-game, that I'd like it to be something that can be played on a physical board (not that I plan on printing it, but just for added value). 

At the end of the jam, we were very pleased with what we had made. It is a prototype, and is the current build (1-0) that is available on at the moment. I decided in October that I'd like to turn the prototype into a real game. I have no intention on monetising this game, but I just wanted to finish off the game properly and see if it could be enjoyable once expanded upon the prototype. I spent a lot of time designing how the game should be expanded, and have decided on the functionality we'd like to have included within the next build. 

We are now in December, and progress has been good - albeit a little slow as I work on a few other projects simultaneously. However, in an attempt to keep myself more accountable with finishing this project before 2018 is done, I am going to start posting devlogs discussing weekly progress. If I have time, I will add some content to show the progress so far and discuss what has changed so far. 

If you're interested in following along with the progress and being notified when the first alpha build is available to test / play, be sure to follow this game page and get notifications. 

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Sep 10, 2018

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