A downloadable game for Windows

Created by HonestDan & ElysiaGriffin for Krassjam#6

Fill up your warp fuel in order to jump to the safety of another star system as the Galactic Authorities are hot on your trails.

  • Gain resources through building specialist buildings on planets
  • Purchase trade goods and ship upgrades
  • Research to unlock ship upgrades
  • Take risks in a range of events

Run out of turns, shield or fuel and it's game over. 

Note: Only way to restore shield is to upgrade your shield. There is no way to "heal", so be very careful to avoid taking damage when possible.


Don't click actions more than once.  I haven't prevented multiple clicks that can happen when an animation is playing, so to avoid messing up the game - just click once on an action and be patient. Thank you.


StarPath-0-1.zip 18 MB
StarPath-0-2.zip 19 MB
StarPath-1-0.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

Version 1.0 will have a win / lose condition.
I highly recommend playing this, though it should be noted it took an extra day's work to finish. 

Development log


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please update

is 1-0 the latest update???

Hey takuroya thanks for taking the time to comment.

1-0 is the latest build, but that was before I started remaking it - with the new board and features.

The sad news is (for Starpath) is that I got a job in Industry and have had to switch over to Unreal Engine 4 - which means 2 things:
- I am very short on time for personal projects
- I am not using C# or Unity much any more as I'm trying to learn UE4 and C++

I do love Starpath, and should I start finding time to work on it again, I'll be sure to update this page. The project is currently on hold until I get more time. 

hey not bad! i didn't realize the goal of the game until i got the game over screen, so now i might be up for playing again once i'm in the mood again to click a bunch, but i really love traveling and taking part in the economy across these worlds, the risk of trying things for random fail/win scenarios was exciting and tense, although felt a bit too random to be worth risks at times, but overall i can say i enjoyed this and i think some refinement would go a long way... would be happy to offer further feedback if you thought it helpful, thanks for sharing this! (:

Thanks for giving it a go! I've been working on an improved version for some time, but it's in Unity and I've started learning unreal so it's slightly on hold at the moment - but in an ideal world I'd like to get that finished and I'll give you a shout when thats done. This version was finished a day after the game jam so I'd agree it lacks a lot of clarity, robustness and guidance!

Doesn't seem to handle resolutions properly, especially the ones below 1080p. Also listed resolutions that I can't support

@Raistael thank you for the feedback, it is a known bug, there will be a new version out before the new year with many many improvements, including fixing the resolution issue. Sorry about the inconvenience and delay in response.